Michael McKillican specializes in selling seniors homes, estates, life transitions, downsizing

There are also those that are specially designated to service the real estate needs of the mature ‘Seventy-plus’ community. Many REALTORS® who choose to work with boomers and more mature clients have many years of sales and may be better qualified to assist this group with buying and selling a home.

As with any particular type of niche, the sale process with seniors has its own unique set of issues that must be addressed. Michael is specially trained to consult and assist the seventy-plus market with their transition often have additional services and systems to make the experience as smooth, comfortable and stress free as possible.

Some of these services and systems may include:

Extra help and guidance.  There are many seniors who are widowed and living alone in their family home and just aren’t sure of the next steps.  If they don’t have local relatives to help them get started The REALTOR® Michael is experienced to work with Mom and or Dad and will set up free initial consultations to describe how the process and will present all the options for the transition. Depending on the circumstances it may require a few consultations to make certain that you are one hundred percent informed and comfortable. And if it is your wish, they can bring a remote relative into the process through phone calls, Zoom, Skype and email.

Slower pace.  The home selling experience is complex and many ideas and contracts are presented during the process.  Michael McKillican knows his client and if it is warranted, wanted or beneficial will present everything in a slower paced format. This means the client can relax and feel that at each point they have time to properly sift and digest the information without being pressured or rushed.  As a result, everything is thoroughly understood and stress levels are much lower.

Contracts in plain English.  Even before a sale occurs, Michael will sit down with copies of all the usual contracts, in larger type if requested, written in layman’s terms.  This extra consultation will prepare you for all the paperwork that will occur during the transaction and allow you to ask questions or address concerns early so that when an actual offer is made you clearly know what you’re signing, why you’re signing it and what the expectations for the outcomes will be.

Encouragement.  Not everyone wants friends and family members to be privy to the details of their real estate transaction, but for those who want others to be involved, be it for support or as a sounding board, Michael always welcome and encourage it.

Guidance.  The decision to transition to another home is a big one and there are lots of housing choices and options.  Depending on your goals, you may be searching for a town home, bungalow or condominium or independent Living. Michael McKillican will carefully present all the options, even those that won’t earn him compensation such as retirement communities, assisted living, or long term care.

Supporting professionals.  The home selling process involves many professionals Michael can usually recommend a few that they know who have good reputations and that He has worked successfully with in the past. This may include professionals such as lawyers, inspectors, lenders, stagers, estate planners, insurance and financial advisors.